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An Interview With Pro Gambler & Trader, Robert Fraser

Published on April 17, 2017 by Darren @ Betting Gods

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Fraser about his life and career as a professional sports gambler and trader….

For those reading this who haven’t heard of you could you briefly introduce yourself please

I’m Robert Fraser. A full time sports trader focusing on Tennis and Horse Racing. It’s always been an ambition of mine to make a living from betting. For the past decade I’ve managed to achieve and maintain this goal.

How did you first become involved in sports betting?

I frequently watched live sports events and was initially curious from a business perspective in terms of how bookmakers set odds. The concept of quantifying the probability of different outcomes fascinated me and is something that I have studied in depth over many years.

So you bet on Tennis and Horse Racing. Do you have a favourite between the two sports?

That’s a difficult question. Horse racing is certainly more thrilling from a spectator point of view – mainly because the action is condensed into just a few minutes whereas tennis matches can extend beyond 4-5 hours in some cases.

When it comes to analysing them for betting/trading I use a similar approach for both. In it’s most basic form my goal is to find markets that present value and that will deliver profit long term.

How easy (or difficult) would you say it is for a subscriber to your service to replicate your success?

Subscribers get access to the ‘end product’ which makes it very easy.

I spend the majority of each day analysing sports markets which involves statistical modelling, studying market fluctuations/trends and trading on exchanges. However as a subscriber you receive a simple daily email stating which bet(s) I advise and the suggested stake size.

I’ll normally include a synopsis of my reasoning/analysis too.

Just follow my advisory and you’ll make the exact same profit that I do each month.

For those with only a small betting bank but interested in becoming a pro bettor what words of advice would you share?

The difficulty is not just finding high value markets but crucially managing your bankroll effectively.

Losses will happen – it’s impossible to have a 100% strike rate. It’s easy to get bogged down with day to day results – try and stay focused long term.

Don’t focus on whether an individual bet won or lost but instead question were the odds you got good value. In other words if you did that exact bet a hundred times would you end in profit?

Stay disciplined and follow the recommendations of a tipster with a solid record.

Are there any particular race types or Tennis games you’d avoid?

The Grand National may be the most famous horse race but from a trading point of view is a nightmare. It’s high variance to say the least.

I’ll occasionally advise a small stake for this race but I prefer to save my bankroll for were I can make informed and educated betting decisions.

As for tennis it’s generally a good idea to avoid the early rounds of challenger events. There are of course exceptions but generally they are unpredictable as players try to adapt to differing/unique conditions.

There is also the question of motivation for players who are higher ranked in these type of events as the prize money is significantly lower. Do you have any good or bad memories from your time as a sports bettor?

I’ve had some great individual results which stand out, for example, Donskoy beating Federer earlier this year at odds around 25/1.

For horse racing there are a selection of memorable races but to be honest I try not to focus on specific bets. Long term is my goal and that’s how I measure my success.

Do you have any words of advice for readers of this interview looking to make a second or main income from betting?

I’d say to start by putting aside a bankroll (even if it’s relatively small).

It’s important not to risk your primary income and to follow the basics when it comes to responsible gambling. Each and every bet should be seen as an investment. Follow a reputable tipster or portfolio of services and stay disciplined.

I’d say the most significant challenge is to stay focused long term. Some people make the mistake of trying to make a profit each day (by chasing losses). Never do this as it will inevitably lead to problems.

Switch to exchanges as if you are successful most bookmakers with limit/close accounts.

Finally, if you weren’t betting for a living what would you be doing?

When I was younger I took tennis seriously as a player. I played in numerous small events but never made the cut. I still enjoy playing though and it’s part of my daily routine.

Like the sound of Robert?

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