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Earn £89.59 Every Month!
How Top NHL Betting Tips Makes £89.59 per Month
£89.59 Every Month from Betting?

Hey! I'm emailing you about one of the most exciting tipsters on the internet from the team over at Betting Gods.

Top NHL Betting Tips launched to the Betting Gods network on Mar 2018 and since then has gone onto achieve an average monthly profit of £89.59 using just £10 stakes...

Now I know what you're thinking: You see figures constantly used to sell a tipster service and then you join the service and the winning tips vanish and you're left in the red?

The difference here is that Top NHL Betting Tips is backed by Betting Gods meaning you're covered by their 60 day money back guaratee and can also trial the tipster for 30 days for just £1.00.

Click Here to Access your £1.00 Trial [AFFILIATE LINK]

If you have any questions then just ask them as they have incredible support who are always willing to help - Something rare in the world of tipsters.



Win 52.87% of your Bets!
Hit a Win Rate of 52.87%
How Top NHL Betting Tips Wins 52.87% of their Bets


I have to email you about the tipster, Top NHL Betting Tips, who is currently winning 52.87% of their bets!

This comes down to their extensive betting knowledge which they've proven since becoming part of the Betting Gods network back on Mar 2018.

You can even view each of the bets they have placed since then.

Click Here to View EVERY Bet [AFFILIATE LINK]

So with a strike rate of 52.87% and a total profit of £1,239.45 since Mar 2018, can you really afford to pass on this one?

Click Here to Start a £1 Trial! [AFFILIATE LINK]

Have fun with it!


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