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QF Value Tips

About QF Value Tips

The Stats Behind this horse racing Tipster


Total Profit


Avg Monthly Profit


Win Rate




Bank Growth


Profit this Month

Earn £114 in Commission

Earn 50% Of Every Payment... For Life!

As an affiliate of QF Value Tips, you can earn up to £114 per customer per year. You'll receive 50% commission on each and every subscription payment made by a customer you refer... For life!

The great news is that every time someone clicks any affiliate link they will be cookied with your affiliate ID. What this means is that if they browse the Betting Gods network and join ANY tipster then you'll continue to pick up the 50% commission.

50% Commissions Network-Wide

Commissions Paid for Life

All GEOs Allowed

All Traffic Sources Allowed

Affiliate FAQs

Your Common Queries, Answered

What Commission % Do Affiliates Earn?

We pay a straight-forward 50% commission across the Betting Gods network for any subscription or one off payment including all future recurring payments. The 50% is paid out for the lifetime of any subscription.

How Much Money Can Affiliates Make?

As cliché as it sounds, the possibilities are endless. We have paid out over $650,000 in affiliate commissions already and don't see it slowing down any time soon. Several affiliates earn 4-figures on a monthly basis.

Can I View the Results for QF Value Tips?

As with all services across the network, the results are public for you to view on Google Sheets. To view the results of QF Value Tips, just click here.

What About the Stats for this Service?

QF Value Tips launched his service to Betting Gods in February 2016 and since then has generated £5,455.60 profit with an ROI of 20.33%. This has lead to a 100pt starting bank growing by 545.56%.

How Do I Gain Review Access?

We love independent reviews! If you would like to run an extensive review of the QF Value Tips service then just drop us an email and we'll get something in place for you.

Do You Have Banners for this Tipster?

We can create banners for QF Value Tips on demand. All you need to do is let us know what you need including the size of the banners and we'll get something put together for you.

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