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Published on April 28, 2017

A Review Of Online Lottery Retailer

Written By Darren @ Betting Gods

A Review Of Online Lottery Retailer

From the huge Euro Millions lottery, with jackpots up around the €50 million mark, to national lotteries from countries including Poland, Italy, Australia and Germany, means you don’t have to be physically in a nation to play its lottery. The site’s offering is exactly the same as buying a ticket itself, with all the same prizes on offer.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the lotteries offers, as well as other important information pertaining to the site.

Euro Millions

The ‘Big Daddy’ of European lotteries; the highest ever jackpot for this continent-wide weekly extravaganza played in nine countries was an astonishing €190 million and has been won on two separate occasions. Players pick five main numbers, along with two lucky stars, and are able to randomise their numbers automatically if they don’t wish to pick manually.

If you match more than two of the main numbers, you are in line to qualify for one of the 13 prize tiers. The jackpot itself requires five main numbers and two lucky stars. If you end up scooping the big prize, you can look forward to a minimum of €17 million, with the maximum capped at €190 million. Once, you’ve entered, it’s time to sit back and wait for the big draw, which takes place on Tuesday and Friday night from a headquarters in Paris, at 21.00 CET.
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If the biggest jackpot possible is your thing, you may want to try your hand at the American PowerBall, which has an unlimited jackpot and has been known to pay out over an amazing $1 billion. Players choose five main numbers along with a single PowerBall, or use an automatic picker. Winners must match either the PowerBall or at least three main numbers, with nine tiers of prizes up for grabs. The jackpot, which is a minimum $40 million, can be claimed only with all five main numbers and the PowerBall. Draws are held in Florida on Thursday and Sunday mornings European time, at 04.59 CET.
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Offering better odds than Euro Millions, EuroJackpot is a new kid on the block in terms of European lotteries. Players choose five main numbers and two Euronumbers – at least two main numbers and the main number are required to reach the 12 prize tiers. Draws are held on Fridays in Helsinki, Finland, with the main numbers coming out of a selection of 50, and two bonus balls being drawn from 1 to 10.
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With an unlimited jackpot which is a minimum of €1.3 million, the Italian based SuperEnaLotto is another choice for those who want their potential winnings to be as high as possible. Draws take place three times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – meaning you won’t have long to wait until the next draw. Playing is simple, and requires just six main numbers. There are six different prize tiers available. The numbers are drawn from 1 to 90.
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German Lotto

With a familiar format that requires six main numbers to be picked from 1 to 49, plus a bonus ball from 1 to 9, the German Lotto is a straightforward choice, and has prize categories starting from just a €5 fixed sum for two main numbers, with odds of 1:76; eight other prize tiers are on offer. Jackpot pays out a minimum of €1 million, and the odds of winning any kind of prize work out at 1:31. This lottery has a heritage dating back to 1955 and the draw is bi weekly, taking place at 19.25 CET on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
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Other Lotteries

The other lotteries offers are draws from Poland, Ireland, Australia and France, along with the UK Lottery, which offers its own variations.

Lottery Results conveniently posts results of all draws on the site, so you won’t have to go fishing around for the winning numbers if you did not catch a draw live.

Other Features

An easy withdrawals system, along with a live chat, email and telephone customer support function, make being an online lottery player hassle free.

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