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Posted May 8, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

EuroLotto provides a window into the world of lotteries, allowing you to play national lotteries from around the world without having to set foot on an airplane! You can also play some of the multinational extravaganzas which typically offer the biggest jackpots. There is literally no difference from buying a physical ticket, and you can enjoy all the same prizes on offer.

So let’s have a look at some of the lotteries accessible at EuroLotto, and what they offer:


If you are the type of lottery player who is immediately drawn to the biggest jackpots, maybe the PowerBall game is your thing. This US-based ‘super lottery’ has been known to pay out as much as $1 billion. Players choose five main numbers and a solitary PowerBall, or make use of the automatic picking option. To win, you must match at least three main numbers, or the PowerBall itself – when you are in the money, there are no less than nine prize tiers. The jackpot is never less than a staggering $40 million, and you can follow the draw on Thursday and Sunday mornings in Europe, at 04.59 CET, or wait for the results which are rapidly posted on the EuroLotto site.

Euro Millions

Paying out as much as €190 million to winners across nine countries, they don’t come bigger than the Euro Millions in Europe. Draws are held twice weekly – on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris at 21:00 CET – for this lottery, which requires players to pick five numbers, plus two lucky stars. There are as many as 13 prize tiers, and the jackpot can only be won with all five numbers and stars matching. Scoop the jackpot and guarantee a minimum of €17 million.


Players who choose EuroJackpot over Euro Millions might be seduced by the better odds for this relatively new lottery, for which the draws are held in Helsinki. In a format similar to the Euro Millions, players pick five numbers and two Euronumbers – and just two main numbers and a Euronumber are needed to qualify for the 12 prize tiers. Main numbers are chosen from 50, while bonus balls are selected from 10.


DinoLotto offers online play for a fixed €50 million jackpot, which is typically bigger than the Euro Millions. Like the Euro Millions, draws are also held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday, and ticket prices are known to be cheaper than the famous continental lottery. With five main numbers chosen from 50 and two Dino numbers from 12, there are slimmer odds than Euro Millions, but fans of huge jackpots might be willing to take them.

Best Of The Rest

There are also other lottery offerings available to play on EuroLotto including German-based Lotto 6aus49 and Mega Millions, both offering multi-million jackpots. Lotto 6aus49 takes place every Wednesday and Saturday, while the American Mega Millions is drawn on a Friday.


From ‘Winner’s Scratch’ to ‘Doctor Love’ and ‘PandaMania’, EuroLotto’s scratchcards are imaginatively themed and bring instant excitement. The site offers no less than 27 scratchcards, all offering different prizes and jackpots. If you want to navigate straight to the most popular, or most lucrative titles, it isn’t a problem, as EuroLotto allows you to sort the scratchcards by these parameters.


From slots to video poker, jackpot games, table games and adventures, EuroLotto is also a platform which offers a broad and colourful range of online casino options. Fun titles include ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Viking Runecraft’, ‘Wild Wild West’ and ‘Golden Fish Tank’, and you won’t have to go far to see the newest and most popular online casino games on EuroLotto; they are right at the top of the page!

A neat feature allows players to try the casino titles ‘for fun’, without having to wager any money to begin with – the same applies to scratchcard titles. This allows users to get a feel for a game so that they are comfortable when it comes to playing for high stakes.

Overall, EuroLotto is an impressive integrated platform featuring lotteries, scratchcards and casino titles all in one place. Its spacious and user-friendly layout make it inviting and uncluttered.

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