A Review Of Mr Green Sportsbook

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A Review Of Mr Green Sportsbook

Posted February 7, 2017 | By Darren @ Betting Gods

Sports betting has become so incredibly popular over the last decade or so. In fact, it’s become so big that there are now tons of online sportsbooks flooding the internet. Each one offers their own unique features and odds. But, which ones are the best, and which are the worse? Today, we take a look at one of the lesser known sportsbooks out there; Mr. Green. In this impartial review, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about the site and give our final opinion at the end.

Carry on reading to find out what’s good and bad about Mr. Green:

An Introduction To Mr. Green Sportsbook

Established in 2008, Mr. Green was originally set up as an online casino. Over the years it’s branched out and started incorporating sports betting too. Visually speaking it’s probably one of the better sites out there. Too many betting sites try too much with their design, this is easy to look at, and so simple to navigate around too.

If you’re looking to deposit money, then there are three main options; bank transfer, credit/debit card, or e-wallet. Most major cards are accepted, while only a few e-wallets are approved – which is fairly annoying as we like to have a good diversity.

Withdrawal methods are fairly similar to the ones you use to deposit money. You have the same three options, just with more limited choices. The big thing you want to know about withdrawals is how quick it takes for that cash to get into your hands. If you’re using an e-wallet, then you’ll get your money within 24 hours. Any site that can give your money that quick is always going to get into our good books. You have a limit of £10,000 per month, which probably won’t matter to most punters as winning that much in a month is a pretty big stretch. However, lots of other sites have the same limit for a day, so it’s a bit odd that they’d make it a month.

Mr. Green Sportsbook Features

There are a few main points to look for in a good sportsbook; diversity of sports, multiple markets, in-play betting, live streams, and cash out feature. The question is, does Mr. Green have all of these things?

Well, there is certainly a huge array of sports for you to bet on. In fact, there are some sports here that we’ve not seen on many other big betting sites. You can bet on all the popular sports as well as obscure ones like trotting, yachting, and chess! There are also plenty of markets for you to bet on certain sports like tennis, football, and snooker.

Is there in-play betting? Yes, there is. You will see plenty of in-play bets for major sports and major leagues within those big sports. If you’re one of those people that like obscure in-play bets, then you might be a little disappointed. While Mr. Green does offer some random sports betting, usually you can only bet on the match result and not in-play. As for live streaming, well, you’re not going to be in luck. Currently, there are no live streams of any sports on the site, which is a bit disappointing as many other sportsbooks can boast this feature.

There is a cash out feature, which is always a welcome addition to any sportsbook. As punters, we’ve lost many bets in the last few seconds of a match. It’s nice to get that choice when you want to take your winnings and run while you can.

Mr. Green Sportsbook Bonuses

If a sports betting site can boast a lot of bonuses, then it’s going to be right up there with the very best. What we’re looking for is a healthy welcome bonus and additional promotions to keep us loyal customers happy. So, what does Mr. Green have to offer?

In truth, the bonus situation is both good and bad. The welcome bonus is very nice, you get a 100% match bonus up to £100. We like it when a site gives match bonuses like this as it gives you twice as much money to bet with from the word go. So, that’s the good, what’s the bad? Well, the bonuses tend to stop there. You won’t find any other promotions, it’s nowhere near as generous as other sites that constantly have offers on the table.

In short, Mr. Green has a lot of potential, but it’s not quite reached it just yet. The site is immaculately designed, and other bookies could take lessons from this design. However, the lack of bonuses and no live stream mean there are probably better options out there for the keen sports bettor.

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