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A Review Of JABet – Tennis Sportsbook
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A Review Of JABet – Tennis Sportsbook

JABet (found at JABet.com) is an online sportsbook for more serious tennis punters, and has been around since 2015. The site offers some of the most competitive tennis odds in the betting industry and provides some unique features, including chances to bet on every possible tennis market around the globe. Scores and prices in real time are available to logged in members. The JABet site is simple and easy to navigate, with all the rules of play clearly available via a link in the top right hand corner.

Signing up and navigating JABet

It is quick and easy to sign up with JABet, you just need to complete a short registration document to activate your account. Players can be up and running with their registered account once they have deposited funds using one of the commonly accepted debit or credit cards.

Players will appreciate the site’s blog which offers a variety of tips and useful tennis information, to guide and inform. You can customise your bet settings using the tool icon in the right hand corner of the screen, and it’s also possible to set deposit limits via the footer panel of every page, in order to place controls over any gambling habit. Stake sensitive pricing is in place on the site. For example, where a back price for a bet is 1.5 for a £10 bet, then JABet take bets at rates which are much higher but give reduced odds. In order to take full advantage of this unique feature, players should set a viable default stake in the settings box as this stake is used for calculating the prices you see displayed on the website and betting slip.

JABet provide a netted off liabilities service, which means all opposing bets are netted off, so players only require a funds balance to cover the worst place outcome. In effect this means that if you placed a bet of £50 on Player 1 to win at evens and then you placed a later bet of £50 on Player 2 winning at evens, the two bets offset each other instantly so that even though your bets total £100, the balance required in the account would only be £50. If the above did happen to be the case your actual liability would be zero so you would be able to continue betting with the available funds in your account.

JABet is owned and registered in England and Wales and is regulated by the Gambling Commission. Punters wanting to contact customer services can contact the helpdesk via email or the company’s Twitter page.

Features of JABet

One of the most important features of JABet is that punters can take advantage of back and lay bets, without having to pay any commission.

Back and lay bets

A back bet is a traditional tennis bet where you bet your money on the outcome of the game, for example Andy Murray to win a match 3-0. The system shows the odds in blue on the betting slip and if Andy Murray does win the match 3-0, then you win your bet.

A lay bet shows the betting odds in pink, and with this bet you are betting that an outcome won’t happen. So, as in the example above if you bet on Andy Murray to win the match 3-0, you would lose your money if Andy Murray did win the match 3-0, but you would win the bet if he won the match by any other amount, or if he lost.

It’s easy to place these bets on JABet, and simply clicking the odds populates the betting slip, with back bets highlighting the possible profits, and lay betting slips highlighting the potential liability, with the stake shown being the profit you could win.

If betting odds should change while you are in the process of populating your betting slip on the website then you will be advised of the new odds and asked to signify acceptance of these prior to being given the opportunity to activate the bet.

Price boosts

JABet boost values of bets when odds for outcomes are increased during the countdown to play. Where this occurs the word “Boost” is shown on the betting slip, confirming the available odds reflect the boosted values.

Handicap markets

There are infinite numbers of lines that can be offered for the match handicap market, so JABet only offer the market closest to evens. As events progress the line moves and some others move out of scope. Where you place a bet on markets that become out of scope you can cash out in full or partially via the cash out screen, but will be unable to open new positions on this market.

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Cash out screen

The cash out screen offers the chance to settle or partially settle bets before outcomes are determined. It’s possible to cash out the full 100% of bets, which makes your position level on all market outcomes, or to cash out partially in increments of 10%. The cash out option can be used whether you are in a winning or losing position.

Cash out values for markets are displayed in the market header in green. You open a cash out slip in the same place as a betting slip, by pressing the same value. The cash out page displays a full listing of all the markets in which you have an available position.

Cash outs are recorded in the same way as bets and you can view them under ‘My Bets’, just like when you place a bet. Cash outs will be subject to delays and they could be rejected or boosted if odds move throughout the bet delay period.

The JABet site is clean and intuitive to use and tennis fans will appreciate the amount of thought that’s gone into making this superb site. JABet plan to offer a similar service for soccer betting in the near future, and this will be operated in much the same way as their tennis site.

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