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A Review Of Casino Cruise

A Review Of Casino Cruise

Today’s piece will take a look at one of the various online casino sites out there. We’re giving an impartial review of Casino Cruise to show you what’s good and bad about the site. Take a look at the info below to find out everything:  

An Introduction To Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is one of the newest online casinos in operation. It’s only been up and running since 2014, but has already received plenty of plaudits from many punters. It’s a classic online casino in the sense that it offers up a wide variety of table and slot games.

As with all casinos, it’s important to know the deposit and withdrawal methods. The good news is, Casino Cruise has one of the largest amounts of deposit methods out there. You can use pretty much any major credit/debit card, almost any e-wallet, and a whole load of bank transfer options too. There is one noticeable method missing from their list; PayPal. It’s always a bummer when a site doesn’t accept PayPal, as it’s simply the easiest way to pay for everything. There is a minimum deposit amount of £10 for all customers, which is a decent amount. If a casino is making you deposit more than a £10 minimum, then the chances are they aren’t a great casino.

They have fewer withdrawal methods than deposit methods – but that’s the same for pretty much every online casino or bookmaker out there. They give you loads of ways to deposit your money, then make it a little bit harder to get it out of your account. The good news is you can still withdraw using your card, e-wallet, or bank transfer, the options are just more limited. Also, you have a maximum limit of £10,000 per day. If you ever reach that max, then you know you’ve had a good day! One of the best things about this site is the minimum withdrawal of £10. Too many sites have high minimum withdrawals, which is never a good thing.

Casino Cruise Games

In total, there are over 600 games on the Casino Cruise website. Now, when you’ve got this many games, you need to have decent diversity or it will be pretty boring. Thankfully, they have this in abundance. There are mobile games, classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots, and high roller slots for you to play. If these don’t tickle your fancy, then you have a huge range of classic casino games at your fingertips too. Casino Cruise has blackjack games, high roller games, roulette games, as well as many other table games.

You may think the choice of games stops there, but you’d be wrong. As well as all of this, there are a few live options too. You can enjoy plenty of live dealer casino games if you like betting in real time against other players. Similarly, there’s video poker for any of the keen card players out there.

If you’re confused as to how to play any of the games, there are clear instructions given for you. You can even watch a couple of demo spins on the slot machine games to understand how the lines work. The only downside is that you need to create an account before you can see any of the games.

Casino Cruise Bonuses

Casino Cruise has a lot of great exclusive offers for paying customers. First things first, you get a nice little bonus as soon as you register for an account. You don’t have to spend any money at all, and you get 20 free spins on a Jimi Hendrix online game. In theory, you could win a decent sum of cash without having to spend a penny. It’s the potential for free money, which is always good!

If you do decide to make a deposit, then you will get an extra 100 free spins in the same game. If you’ve never played an online slot game before, then we’ll tell you now there’s a pretty big chance you’ll win something out of 100 slots. Trigger the games bonus feature, and you could be looking at a massive jackpot.

Finally, there’s another bonus for customers to enjoy too. Casino Cruise has a match bonus of 100% up to £200. Essentially, if you bet £200 on a game, they’ll match it and turn it into £400. As far as match bonuses go, it’s always beneficial when you can find one that offers 100%. It means you get more out of your bonus, and it doubles the value of your bet too.

In conclusion, Casino Cruise may be new on the scene, but they’re already one of the better online casinos around. You get to enjoy plenty of games and some very tasty bonuses.

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