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A Review Of BetOnValue
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A Review Of BetOnValue

When you place a bet, you want to know everything: who’s offering it, at which odds, and how much your payout is likely to be if you win. BetOnValue‘s mission statement is that it compares the odds from hundreds of different bookmakers and betting exchanges across the world, to make sure that your decision on who to back is the most informed it can possibly be.

It aims itself at individual punters, since you’ll no doubt find it useful to know who’s offering what odds where. The site makes it possible to track these odds in real time, too; odds fluctuations are marked with arrows going up or down every 10 minutes, so you can see exactly how they move. With one click, a user may see when and how the odds on a particular match have changed.

Free features & paid premiums

Users do, however, have to pay a membership fee to access all of the site’s features. Membership has two tiers beyond the standard free account: Silver and Gold. The key difference between these is the delay for arbitrage bets (called SureBets on the site): in the free version, there is a delay of 20 minutes.

Silver membership shrinks this delay to just 3 minutes and, if you pay the 125 euros per month for Gold membership, there is no delay at all.

Punters who are keen to secure big returns on arbitrage bets may find it worth the money to pay a bit extra.

The Website

The website is very easy to navigate; it has been recently re-designed. It is highly intuitive, and presents the information in a smart and easy-to-read manner. This, combined with the numerous beginners’ guides to betting offered by the “Help” section, means that even complete beginners to betting may well find it useful to use BetOnValue as a hub to check their odds.

Navigation between different sports, countries and leagues is also easy, achieved by simply clicking through a few tabs. Possibly the most useful feature, however, and the one which cannot be replicated by simply moving from site to site to compare odds, is the Coupon. This allows a user to save those matches and games they have their eye on, and can compare the odds for multiples with no calculation needed on the user’s part. The entire site looks almost like a website for investing in stocks and shares – and one could call betting itself a type of investment, so this makes sense.


The site offers multiple different types of odds, as well, depending on the bookmaker with whom you wish to gamble, or personal preference (for example, the UK presents its odds in a very different manner to Malaysia); BetOnValue takes this into account and you can compare odds regardless.

This, and the BrainMail service they offer to members, mean that the site provides services which can only exist through computer software: a worthwhile USP. A user may even check how their favourite team or athlete has been performing lately with the “Stats and Scores” function. Those who wish to can therefore conduct some pretty serious statistical analysis, though a great knowledge of maths isn’t necessary to use the site.

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Betting is a volatile business – those who are lucky and skilled can win a lot, but fortunes can turn around very quickly. In particular, if users choose to invest in access to Silver or Gold membership, a significant amount of pure chance can be removed from the equation, making it a great tool for skilled punters to draw on.

Overall this looks to be a very handy tool for serious bettors, wherever you are in the world.
Take a look for yourself at https://www.betonvalue.com

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