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A Review Of BetBanter – Social Betting App
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A Review Of BetBanter – Social Betting App

Here at Betting Gods, we love to bet, and we love to talk about betting – so we just had to check out an exciting, fun new social betting platform called BetBanter.

“Putting the Banter back into betting” is BetBanter’s tagline, and its intentions are to put the social element back into betting by allowing friends to bet amongst themselves.

(For a sample of the sort of banter we’re talking about click here for their Facebook profile!)

Whether you love to voice your opinions about gambling on forums, down the bookies, or just in the pub, BetBanter will allow you to create an online profile from where you can voice your opinions to the world or, at least, all the BetBanter members you befriend.

That’s not all that BetBanter allows you to do though as, when your opinion differs from one or more of your fellow friends or BetBanter members, you can then bet head-to-head. If it’s an even-money two-horse race, you can simply bet against each other. Alternatively, you can set odds that you both agree to about a range of sporting outcomes.

However, unlike some bets that take place between friends, bets placed on BetBanter mean no friend can ever renege on a bet ever again, as both players must fund their accounts with the money they stand to lose. The winner then collects when the bet is settled. BetBanter also has loads of other features that can help your betting and your social life.

BetBanter Features

– Create a profile
– Bet with friends
– Monitor your bets
– Payment solution settles bets and moves the money into the winner’s account automatically
– Download free football and random bets for free
– Use the multi-player function to fantasy football leagues like Dreamteam and Fantasy Premier League
– Latest team news, including injuries and transfers
– User Friendly interface allows you to easily connect to Facebook friends

Download The BetBanter App

There’s nothing better than to be able to chat with friends and place your bets whilst you’re on the go, so it’s great news that the BetBanter App can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

Simply use Google Play to download the BetBanter App for Android smartphone or tablet or use the Apple Store to download the BetBanter for iPhone or iPad.

Time For Some Banter

I confess I come from an era when people used to bet in bookies or in pubs where the landlord or local bookie stood your bets. They were fun times when people spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons doing nothing but chatting with their mates about sport and betting. Of course, those days were a far cry from the life of a modern gambler, as he spends most of his time trawling the internet for the bets prices and offers, often without ever speaking to anyone.

So, could it be that BetBanter will create a new world that incorporates all the best features of the different eras of gambling, an interface where friends can chat and bet to their heart’s desires. We can only hope so, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for BetBanter, whose official launch is due very soon.

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