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A Guide To Trading On Golf

A Guide To Trading On Golf

All sport fans know the unpredictability of Golf, with anyone in the top 15 being in with a very good chance of winning any of the majors; which makes it difficult for punters when it comes to betting with a bookmaker. However, with trading it is possible to counteract the unpredictability of the sport and take advantage of the great odds that are available, locking in a profit in the process. In this guide we will offer suggestions for you to consider when trading on golf, so you can be sure to generate a healthy profit, and reduce any risk that comes with trading on the sport.

Why Is Golf Perfect For Trading?

In almost every sport there is an element of luck needed to get over the finish line with a title/championship, especially in golf. Luck can have a massive effect on who makes the cut, and who finishes top of the table when the event is completed. Of the many factors that can influence the event, the main factors are the most significant, these are:

The Weather
Inconsistent tee times
The type of golf course
Changing of pin positions after each round
Number of players competing
The scoring formats

Whilst these factors can make it difficult for punters to predict a winner, they can create plenty of opportunities for high value trading.

Strategies: Back to lay

With trading, you don’t have to pick a winner, you can simply hedge your backed bets by laying, using a betting exchange. This allows you to guarantee profits no matter who wins the event, and reduce the risk of loss.

What must you do with this strategy? Well simple! Firstly, you should back a player prior to the start of the tournament, and then lay them if their odds move in your favour during the tournament; this guarantees your profit.

Timing is important with trading, so be sure to time your trade accurately to ensure your profit is maximised as possible. Odds will often swing once each round is underway, so understanding all the factors in golf will help you.

Identifying Which Players To Trade

Maximising profit in golf is reliant on identifying players that have been undervalued in the markets and but who are suited to the tournament down to a tee. As the tournament goes on, the odds will shorten, meaning you can lock in your profit. With this in mind, it is important to consider a few variables before picking a player to trade.


This is a vital factor to consider when choosing a player to trade, especially when they are less popular. Picking up and coming players, who are as talented as the popular players, can offer you a head start over other punters.

We recommend that you should study recent results of tournaments leading up to a particular event, being wary of players who have performed poorly in any of their last 5 events which they have taken part in.

The Course

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Another key factor to consider is the type of course, as specific courses favour certain types of players. Some course favour long hitters, whereas other favour putters.

It is important to look at past stats of the course, identifying what type of player the course is best suited to by looking at the final standings.

Matching A Players’ Strengths & Weaknesses To The Course

This is where you have to pick out a few players whose strengths match the most important characteristics of the course. You can do this by going onto the PGA and European tour website, where both sets of stats will be provided.

One thing to be careful of is if a player has been recently playing very well, but their stats don’t match up with the course.

Identifying players who are best suited to the course will help you lock in a great profit if they do well.

The Weather

This is perhaps the most obvious out of the other factors, as golf is played on grass, and many courses are close to the coast, which means the weather conditions are so important on the outcome of the tournament.

Again, many players perform better when playing in certain climates, whether it is windy or not. Remember that players have grown up practicing and playing in local conditions, meaning they may struggle with conditions that they are not familiar with.

Trading In Golf

Now that we have discussed the factors that you can use to your advantage for finding value, it is time to start trading. As mentioned previously in this guide, timing is vital, and finding the perfect time to lay a bet is key to guaranteeing that much wanted profit, or reducing as much losses as possible.

If your player gets off to a great start and is in the lead, you can either let the trade ride and hope that the player continues to play well, or you can trade out if you believe your player will not be able to remain top for long.

If there is plenty of time in the tournament left, and your payer is doing well, then you should lay. If you choose to wait it out and your player falls down the table, you can lay to minimise losses. The decision to back or lay at a specific point of time is extremely important, as anything can happen during a tournament, and the odds will simple react immediately.

Find The Best Odds

The most important factor with maximising as much profit as possible is to get the best odds, so be sure to compare all betting exchanges and bookies before you place your bet.

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