A Guide To Total Cards / Points Football Betting

Posted October 7, 2017

By Josh @ Betting Gods

It has become common knowledge that football has a vast amount of opportunities for punters to make money, with a wide variety of markets to place a bet on. One of the ways is through total cards/points betting, which isn’t as popular amongst punters. In this article we will outline what exactly this bet is.

As discussed in our other guides, there are a wide range of things that can be bet on in the sport of football in today’s age, from the amount of goals scored to the final result. A long with these popular bets feature bets that may be too obscure for the casual punter; these can include bets on corners, cards and more.

In football there are two types of cards a player can receive for an offence, which are a yellow and red card. We are going to focus on those two cards in this guide, and explain how they can feature in your bets.

So, What Does A Total Cards / Points Bet Consist Of?

Just to make sure you understand the rest of the guide, two yellows equals a red card in football, and this leads to the player being sent off, along with if they have received a straight red card too.

So, we now know what the cards are, but how about points? Well, all bookies use points to score the number of cards that will be given out by the referee. Each yellow card is worth 10 points, and each red card is worth a higher 25 points. An example of betting on this is if a referee gave out 3 yellow cards in a game, and then a red; the amount of points would equal 55. You will win if you correctly guess how many points there are by full time, if you fall short by any margin then you will lose.

It is important to note that the final points total applies to both teams, which makes it slightly easier to predict. Also, most of the time, the total points are only valid for the standard 90 mins of football played, along with any added injury time; they won’t carry over to extra time in knockout games.

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