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A Guide To Half-Time / Full-Time Football Betting

A Guide To Half-Time / Full-Time Football Betting

It has become common knowledge that football has a vast amount of opportunities for punters to make money, with a wide variety of markets to place a bet on. One of the ways is through half time / full time betting, which is incredibly popular. In this article we will outline what exactly this bet is.

This is one bet that you make, but requires two outcomes, making the odds incredibly appealing for punters to wager a bet on this type of bet.

What Is This Bet? And How Does It Work?

As outlined above, this is a single bet which requires two outcomes for you to win. This can be seen in football where you are able to predict the half time result, and the full-time result respectively. The half time / full time bet allows you punters to collectively bet on both results in one bet. However, it is incredibly difficult to predict both the half time leader and full time leader, so you will have to carefully predict the flow of the game, as getting the first half result is the first step to winning. Luckily though, you don’t need to predict the score lines at both half time and full time, just what team is winning/won, or if it’s a draw. A good example would be when Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid 2-1 away from home. In this game Atletico were ahead at half time, but Chelsea came back from behind to secure the victory. A winning bet for that game would look like:

Halftime – Atletico Madrid, Fulltime – Chelsea

Both outcomes would have to be bet on if you were to see your bet winning. If Chelsea didn’t score a late winner and you still put this bet on then it would have lost.

Crucial Factors Which Need To Be Considered

Like other bets in football, the bet is only active for the 90 mins of full time and any additional injury time. If your bet is correct but the game still goes to extra time, then you will still win. An example would be if it were the Champions League final, between Real Madrid and PSG, if PSG took the lead in the first half, but Real Madrid scored late on in the second half, then it would go to extra time as it has finished in a draw.

A winning bet would look like this:

First Half – PSG, Second Half – Draw

It’s not who wins the half, it’s who is or isn’t ahead as the two halves finish.

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Mathew tunde
Mathew tunde
2 years ago

If the both teams fail to scores,what wil be outcome?

Darren @ Betting Gods
2 years ago
Reply to  Mathew tunde

It depends on your bet, you might bet Draw/Draw

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