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A Guide To Casino Bonuses

A Guide To Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses can look very attractive to those who like to have a flutter every now and again, but many don’t know what they are or how to make the most of them. This guide will help you!

Risk Free Online Gambling

Some people worry about using online casinos, but in many cases, there’s nothing to worry about. Online casinos that provide free spins and other bonuses can be considered relatively risk free, so you can play without worry. As long as you check out reviews and testimonials first to make sure a site is genuine, you will be fine. Just make sure you gamble safely and sensibly!

Typical Online Casino Bonuses

Getting a top casino bonus should be a priority whenever a player signs up to a new casino. However, there are a number of different bonuses, and some tend to stand out more than others. To find the best online casino bonuses before you play, you should get an idea of what’s out there first and what they mean.

Here’s a list of the kind of bonuses you can expect to see on some of the best online casinos:

  • Sign up/welcome bonus – these are usually one of the most beneficial bonuses you can get right away, as soon as you sign up. It’s possible to do this on multiple casino sites so you can take advantage of many welcome bonuses simultaneously. A welcome bonus can usually be one of the best bonuses you get from a casino, including the terms and conditions that come along with it. It’s a good idea to take advantage of these!
  • Match bonus – A match bonus is where a casino promises to match your deposit by a certain percentage. For example, if you deposit £100 and the casino vows to match your deposit by 150%, you will have another £150 to play with. The percentage a casino matches your deposit by will vary. Getting a high percentage, such as 100% match bonus or even a 200% match bonus, is possible but not all that common. Just beware of the restrictions before you play.
  • Sticky bonus – a sticky bonus is basically a bet you can play with, but you can never withdraw. There are a couple of different types of sticky bonus too, including the Phantom sticky bonus. This is the most common type. This is where the money is added straight to your account to play with, but as soon as you go to withdraw it is removed from your total.
  • Deposit casino bonus – a casino may place small percentage on top of everything you deposit to show you that you are a valued customer of theirs. For instance, if you deposit £100, they may give you a 10% £10 bonus as a thank you.
  • No deposit bonuses – this is where a casino may allow you to play without depositing anything, but you will need to read the rules and regulations carefully before you do. This may just be a way for you to test out the different games, but you may not be able to withdraw anything if you win.
  • Free spins bonus – these bonuses usually only apply to the online slot machines. Usually given when there is a spin tournament and they are trying to drive interest. Make sure you read the small print so you know how many spins you’re getting and what happens if you win. The amount you can win with a free spins bonus is usually capped at a certain amount.
  • Loyalty bonus – these bonuses are usually saved for those who have been using an online casino for a long time.
  • Refer a friend bonus – this one is pretty straightforward. Recommend an online casino to your friends and family and if anybody chooses to sign up using your reference, you will get a bonus. This can sometimes be a percentage of their first deposit to play with.
  • Cashback rewards – this can function a lot like a bonus, but the way it is defined can be quite different. Your net wins and losses are totalled over time and you could get a pre-set percentage of your losses to try to win some of your favourite games again.

So, how do you make the most of these casino bonuses in order to maximise your potential profit?

Always Pay Attention To The Small Print

Read the small print and wagering requirements before you decide to use a casino or their bonus. Before you withdraw anything you’ve won you may need to meet wagering requirements first, so it’s important to know this.

The Biggest Looking Bonus isn’t Always The Best Bonus

If you’ve found a bonus that looks to good to be true, it might just be. There tends to be stricter wagering requirements that come along with amazing looking bonuses, so bear that in mind. Just because it looks amazing, doesn’t mean it is. Make sure you know whether the wagering requirements are attainable before you decide to play. You don’t want to win and then be unable to withdraw anything!

You Don’t HAVE To Use A Bonus

If you don’t see a bonus as worthwhile once you’ve read up on the wagering requirements, you’re not obligated to use it. Sometimes using a bonus is a great way to maximise your profit, but sometimes it can hinder the way you want to use your money to play.

Confused? Ask The Help Desk

Sometimes bonuses can be confusing. Usually, an online casino will love their customers and they will be happy to answer any queries you have, providing you are nice and polite too. Always ask the help desk if you’re confused, preferably before you start playing. You can then decide if using a bonus is actually worthwhile.

This information and the pointers should help you to maximise your casino winnings every time you play. Always be sure to read the small print before you use a bonus!

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