A Guide To Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting

Posted October 5, 2017

By Josh @ Betting Gods

It has become common knowledge that football has a vast amount of opportunities for punters to make money, with a wide variety of markets to place a bet on. One of the more popular markets is the ‘both teams to score’ bet. In this article we will outline what exactly this bet is.

So, What Is The BTTS Bet?

If you haven’t worked it out for yourself already, then the BTTS (both teams to score) bet is when you place a bet on both teams to score a goal during the match. With this bet it doesn’t matter how many goals are scored, if the two teams have scored at least one goal each then the bet will come through. If the game finishes 2-0, and the other team haven’t scored, then the bet is lost. The same outcome will happen if the game is goalless. On the other hand, you might want to wager a bet on only the one team scoring during the game, which is also as simple to understand as BTTS. If one side scores, and the other side don’t, then you win! Also, if the game ends up being goalless, then you also win.

With most bookmakers, both bets will be under the ‘Both teams to score’ heading, with ‘Yes’ being both teams to score, and ‘No’ being both teams won’t score.

The BTTS bet is incredibly popular amongst punters, as it is easier to bet on than predicting the exact score line; making it popular on accumulators too. The popularity of this bet on accumulators is because you’re not needing certain teams to win, all you require is that goals are scored by each team during the game, which can ultimately settle your accumulator more quickly. It is also handy that own goals count too.

What If A Team Scores In Extra Time, Do I Still Win?

The answer to this is no, so be very careful when betting on tight games in a knockout competition, such as the latter stages of the Champions League. The goals need to be scored during the 90 mins along with the added injury time; goals during extra time do not count, nor do goals scored during penalty shootouts.

Remember that odds for Both teams to score will be quite low compared to other bets, but you can bet on BTTS for the first or second half of football, where the odds will be better, although they are slightly more difficult to predict.

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