A Guide To Betting On NCAA College Football
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A Guide To Betting On NCAA College Football

Curious about College Football and wondering how to bet on it?
Let us explain some of the available college football betting options:

College Football Spreads

Without a doubt the ‘usual’ or preferred bet by most punters. With spreads the betting market will have a favourite and the underdog.

Team A may be favourite by 6.5pts when playing at home so they would be represented as -6.5, Team B would show as +6.5. This means that Team A will need a win of over 7pts of more to satisfy the bet. Likewise Team B could lose by 6pts or less and the bet would still be paid as a win.
The .5 element is to avoid a draw/tie outcome.

College Football Moneyline

Moneylines are another popular bet when your intention is to bet on the outright winner.
Let’s take Team A v Team B.
Team A can be the favourite at -175, with Team B at +150.

-175 and +150 being the American Odds (as we’re talking US sports)

The negative indicates that Team A is the favourite,
and the positive indicates the underdog team.

-175 means that you need to stake $175 to win $100
+150 means that you would win $150 from a $100 stake

College Football Teasers

Teasers are a form of parlay or multiple that allow you to adjust the odds/bet to your advantage.

For example if you fancy three teams on a given day (Team A, B & C) you can combine the three into one bet and increase your chances of winning at the same time.

If Team A were originally -6.5 you may move them to -3.5, increasing your chances of success. Likewise with Teams B & C. The potential profit will not be as high but the excitement of all those teams coming in will certainly be a thrill.

College Football Totals

Essentially with these bets you’re predicting the amount of points that will be scored in a game, most commonly in the form of an over or under bet.

As an example Team A v Team B may be available as Over or Under 60.5pts, the .5 being in place to avoid a draw/tie situation.

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These bets are particularly good if rather than favouring one team you’d prefer to have a bet on the overall game.

College Football Futures

These are more of a long-term or ante-post bet. Predicting the winner of a conference or division, or perhaps the best performing college football player of the season.

Naturally the odds change through the weeks and months, but with some good preparation and planning you can make a lucrative return on these bets.

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