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A Guide To Betting On Cricket

Last Updated: November 27, 2017

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Cricket is one of the oldest sports out there and has huge followings in certain areas of the globe. Thanks to an influx of money, there have been many new tournaments and leagues popping up over the last few years. What this means is that you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be some form of cricket being played throughout the year.

As a result, it’s become a very popular sport to bet on.  Today’s guide will take you through everything you need to know about betting on cricket. By the time you’ve finished reading it, you’ll know a lot more about the strategy involved and can bet with refined confidence. Check out all you need to know down below:

The Game Of Cricket

First thing’s first, you should only ever bet on a sport if you know what’s going on. There’s no point trying to place smart bets on a cricket match if you don’t understand the game. So, before you start looking at all the bets on offer, you need to get a basic understanding of the game.

What sets cricket apart from most other sports is that there are different forms of the game. The shortest cricket format is known as Twenty20, then there’s One Day cricket and Test Match cricket. In Twenty20, each team has twenty overs to score as many runs as possible. The team that bats first will set a target score within their overs. Of course, if they lose ten wickets before the overs are up, they’re all out and the second team comes in to try and reach their target. One Day cricket follows a similar format, but each team has 50 overs to reach their target (note: in domestic cricket, they only have 40 overs). Test Match cricket is different as it’s played over five days. One team bats until everyone is out or they ‘declare’ and put the other team in to bat. The second team attempts to beat the first team’s score, and add as many runs onto it as possible. The first team comes back into bat and tries to beat the new target. If they fail, the second team wins and doesn’t have to bat again. If they succeed, the second team comes in to bat for their second innings and attempts to beat the new target. Test matches end in a draw if the five days are up before a result has happened.

The premise behind cricket is the same in any format; both teams take it in turn to bat and bowl. Each over consists of six deliveries and teams scores runs by hitting the ball and running between wickets. If the ball is hit over the boundary without touching the outfield, the batter gets six runs. If it touches the floor before going over, then it’s worth four runs.

Cricket Teams

Betting on cricket is far more effective when you know the teams involved. Unfortunately, we can’t take you through every single domestic and national team in the game right now. What we can do is take you through a cricket team and tell you more about the player roles, etc.

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Each cricket team will consist of 11 players. Amongst these 11 players, there will be one wicket keeper – this is the player that stands behind the stumps when his team is fielding, and will wear special gloves to catch the ball. The other 10 players are made up of batters and bowlers. Now, it’s important to note that every player in the team will bat at some point in a match. However, batters are the name given to players that are specialists at doing just that. They hit the most runs, and never bowl. Bowlers can still bat, but will often be much better at bowling. Then, you have ‘all-rounders’ who are good at both aspects. Typically, you’re looking at around 5 specialist batters, a wicket keeper, and all-rounder, and 4 specialist bowlers in one team.

When you bet on cricket, you have to look at a couple of things regarding the teams and players. Firstly, look at who is playing who. If you’ve got a low ranked side playing a high ranked one, chances are the high ranked side will be favourites. Secondly, look at the form of each player. If someone hasn’t scored many runs for a long time, they could be a good bet to go out quickly. Likewise, someone in great form is a good bet to score 100 runs.

Watch The Weather

Cricket is probably the sport most affected by the weather. When it’s hot, the pitches can be hard and make it better for the batting team. If it’s cloudy overhead, then it’s in favour of the bowlers as they can swing the ball more in the humidity. Plus, when it rains, a whole match can be thrown up in the air. Keep an eye on weather forecasts when betting on test matches, as rain often turns wins into draws.

Restricted overs matches are less likely to be badly affected by the rain. This is because cricket has something called a Duckworth-Lewis method that calculates how many overs a rain-affected match should have.

Get Good Value And Build Your Bets

Finally, ensure you’re searching for the best value bets out there. Check odds from multiple sites to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Also, always be aware of any enhanced specials or offers that bookies have on. If you get the best value, you can win the most amount of money.

Also, make sure you start small and build your bets. Don’t go in gung ho and smack hundreds on a single bet. Research the teams and players until you feel confident betting on a match, then use a small amount on a fairly safe bet and go from there.

Now, with your newfound knowledge of cricket, you can work on building your profits up from nothing. A huge part of any sports betting is understanding the game itself. Once you know what you’re betting on, it’s very straightforward to get the best odds and work your way up from small bets to bigger ones.

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