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A Betting Gods Expert Guide To Betting On Cricket
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A Betting Gods Expert Guide To Betting On Cricket

Recently we have been providing guides on how to bet on certain sports to generate healthy profits. We have provided tips on football, rugby, horse racing, snooker, formula 1 and many more. Well today we are going to give you a guide on betting on another sport with many subtleties, which is cricket.

We will begin by describing the format of the sport, along with the many tournaments that features in the tennis season. We will then further go on to provide key strategies that will help you make an informed bet, thus increasing your chances of winning money.

What Is The Format Of Cricket?
And What Tournaments Are There?

Although many casual sports fans, along with most of the population, find cricket to be extremely hard to understand and tedious to watch, once you start to follow cricket you will find that it isn’t any harder to understand than snooker. Also, cricket provides the best opportunities for trading when compared to any other sport, which has got to be an incentive to start betting on the English-originated sport.

Cricket matches are televised daily, with a wide range of markets being on offer for punters, but each match may have a different format to another one.

The five main formats are:

Five-day Test Match Cricket – which involves the international sides, and are usually played up to 5 days, one match per day.
Four-day Test Match Cricket – Like Five-day test cricket, but instead is only played over four days, and includes English counties instead of international teams.
Fifty over per side match Cricket – Also features international teams, and are normally part of a series or multi-team tournaments. The sides play to 50 overs.
Forty over per side match Cricket – Played by English counties, where the sides play to forty overs.
T20 Cricket – Often called Twenty-20 cricket, this is perhaps the most prolific format of cricket in the world. This is held both on Club level and International level, where teams play to 20 overs.

Most Popular Markets To Bet On

Match Winner
Test Match End
Completed Match
For Innings
Total Runs
Session Runs
Top Team Batsman

Key Tips For Success

Do some research on the players, looking at their strengths and weaknesses

As with every sport, there are a lot of fantastic players, all with their preferred formats/competitions. There is however no outright best cricketer in the world, as you could be exceptional in one format, but completely average in another.

There are many key international players who are excellent at T20 cricket, but completely useless when playing Test Match cricket, Kieran Pollard for example.

We also have Indian and Bangladeshi batsmen, who are incredible when playing in South Asia, but are useless when they travel to England and Australia, due to the difference in pitches. It is the same for English players when they travel to South Asia.

Knowing a player’s strengths, preferred format, and where they are playing can all be handy when wagering a bet, if they all match up well then go ahead and bet, but make sure you’re not betting on a player who you only know well without conducting research, because the factors mentioned above could lose you your bet.

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The pitches are vital factors on the outcome of a game, as some favour batsman, and others favour bowlers. Reading a pitch and judging how quickly it will depreciate will get you on the largest step for successful betting.

We’ve mentioned the importance of weather in other sports, primarily sport which is played on grass. Well cricket is another sport where the weather can affect the outcome of a match, whether its fierce winds or the roasting heat. The wind often suits the bowlers, and the heat, or lack of wind, often suits batsman. Constant heat will however favour the bowlers as the pitch deteriorates.

When harsh weather and intense heat makes its way onto the pitch, causing the number of overs to be reduced in one-day matches, the batting totals is reset; this is called the Duckworth Lewis Method. Be sure to monitor this, as it can massively affect the outcome of the game, and your bet.

Look at the stats and previous results at each of the grounds. Looking back over previous results will give you an idea on how the pitch can be advantageous towards certain players/positions.

In test match cricket there are a lot of one sided games, often in the favour of the home side. As mentioned previously, the conditions of the pitch and the weather will benefit the home side massively, as it’s what they’re used to. Although the odds are often short, you should still back rock-solid favourites.

When pitches are likely to deteriorate, lay the draw. When pitches crack, it ultimately favours the bowlers as the ball can bounce in any direction when being bowled. The number of runs can drop dramatically during a series, when the pitch gets older, from around 400+ to just over 150. This suggests that the game has transformed massively, initially favouring batsmen, but then favouring the bowlers. This then causes the draw price to drop, having less value when you’ve realised that it will probably be a draw.

When long running partnerships end, back ‘Under’ in the runs market. This is simple, when one of the two batsmen have been hit out, it is often you will see the new batsman struggle to settle, meaning less runs. This is most likely when a pair of batsman have established a long running relationship, striking runs here, there and everywhere. When partnerships strike milestones of 100 or 150, then it would be wise to instinctively back the ‘under’, as their relationship will probably end soon after that.

Tips For 40 And 50 Over Matches

Wait for the first innings to be played before backing a winner. This can be compared with any other sport, you do not simply back a winner based on the first game, race, etc., you should wait until you can confidently place an informed bet on a potential winner. In 50 over games, matches can be quite close, or extremely one sided, which can’t be predicted in the very early stages of the game. Wait a while, focus on the innings run markets, and analyse the pitch before making a bet.

Again, the ground is vital, so study it before wagering a bet. We haven’t mentioned that some grounds have smaller boundaries, which favours the batsman, so keep this in mind too.

Twenty-20 Cricket Tips

Study the ground before making a bet. The weather will be less as important in T20 cricket, as it’s played in a shorter duration of time. However, it can sometimes play as a match winning factor for one of the sides

Back lots of runs!

Teams in T20 cricket will often bat as hard as possible to gain as many runs before they reach the 20 overs. With this approach to play, it can lead to very high scores which will have great odds attached.

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