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A Guide To Anytime Goalscorer Bets

Published on October 5, 2017 by Josh @ Betting Gods

It has become common knowledge that football has a vast amount of opportunities for punters to make money, with a wide variety of markets to place a bet on. One market is the ‘Anytime Goalscorer’ bet. In this article we will outline what exactly this bet is.

An anytime Goalscorer bet is when you place a bet on any player on the field, or even starting on the bench, to score a goal at any time during gameplay. If your chosen player scores first, then you win, or if they score last, you also win, it’s that easy. It is important to note that the player must score during the 90 minutes of play, including any injury time that’s added on too. If you’re placing this bet during a knockout game, i.e The World Cup Semi-Final, and game goes to extra time without the player scoring prior to this, then you will lose your bet, it doesn’t count if they score in the extra time or in the penalty shootout. Another way you could lose your bet is if your player looks as if they have scored during the 90 mins of play, but the goal is awarded as an own goal instead. It would be common sense to wait for the starting line-ups prior to placing an anytime Goalscorer bet, as you don’t want to place a bet on your favourite striker who ends up being rested on the bench.

Why go For An Anytime Goalscorer Bet?

Well this is simple! You’ve got an increased chance of winning. Unlike other goalscorer bets, the anytime goalscorer bet stays active throughout the entire game, whereas other goalscorer bets has a chance of being settled immediately.

Due to the bet being a safer option to the first goalscorer or last goalscorer bet, the odds are often a lot lower, meaning you won’t win much of a profit if your player scores during the match. It can be incredibly difficult though to predict a first goalscorer, and even a last goalscorer, so going for the easier market could be the better option for you to begin with.

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