A Betting Gods Review Of

A Betting Gods Review Of

Online gambling and gaming has quickly become the easier and faster way for people to be able to increase their chances of winning big and all from the comfort of their own home.

From their tablet, laptop or phone, players have the opportunity to win huge amounts of money. With the opportunity of playing online, players have a broad range of sites to visit and play different lotteries. MultiLotto has taken a spot in pulling together lotteries from across the globe, allowing players the chance to play the lottery of their choice.

A great idea, this means that anyone can win; a mother from Essex can win the New York Lottery and a German father could win the jackpot on the Brazilian Mega Sena Lottery.

This makes MultiLotto the perfect destination for a player who wants to play for the really big wins – the opportunity to play the world’s largest and most popular lotteries. Simply purchase the tickets through the website and you could be in with the chance of winning these jackpots.

MultiLotto isn’t its own lottery, instead working as an access point for players to play the lotteries they choose.

The site works very simply – players can play 1 draw for £2.50 each or alternatively they can play 8 draws a month for £20.00 on a regular subscription on their credit card. It’s quick and easy and upon visiting the site, you can find yourself playing a lottery of your choice within minutes.

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Players are able to form syndicates if they wish (as they would with other lotteries). MultiLotto provides up to date results on the lotteries they play and the opportunity to subscribe for the latest updates so they don’t miss those important numbers.

This all in access point for lotteries isn’t too overwhelming for visitors; they can quickly find the odds and the most popular lotteries on the site. With that in mind, we have looked at the most popular lotteries that are on the site and their odds, and have broken them down for you.

The top ten lotteries that MultiLotto are running include:

1. Power Ball

The world famous Powerball is the premier lottery from the United States, covering 44 states. With most of the United States having access to this game, the typical prize for the Powerball is often huge, with 2 draws a week. Most recently offering a £111,900,000 jackpot prize for those that play. To play is simple – pick your five numbers from each line and then a bonus number. The odds on winning the top prize jackpot are 1:292,201,338.

2. Mega Millions

The US is behind this other big jackpot lottery with the two draws on a Wednesday and Saturday. The Mega Millions has been running since 1996, originally known as the Big Game. The game is big, with the current prize a very healthy £89,400,000. The rules for Mega Millions are the same as the Powerball, picking out your five numbers and a bonus number. The current odds on the jackpot are 1:302,575,350.

3. Euromillions

We leave the US behind for the Euromillions, hugely popular since it started in 2004. The Euromillions operates across nine countries including the UK and France. Picking your 5 numbers successfully and drawing the 2 bonus numbers could net you around £65,000,000. The current odds on the Euromillions stands at 1:139,838,160.

4. SuperEna Lotto

Since 1997, Italy have been running the SuperEna Lotto. With large jackpots, the SuperEna is fast becoming a popular choice for players who regularly play the three draws a week. Pick your 6 numbers and you could win £56,500,000, beating the odds of 1:622,614,630.

5. SuperLotto Plus

Back across to the US for a bit of glitz and glamour with the Californian based SuperLotto Plus. Picking 5 numbers and 1 bonus number would allow a player to sample that Hollywood lifestyle, winning £25,500,000. The odds on the SuperLotto Plus are much healthier as the smaller play area greatly increases your chances. Odds currently stand at 1:41,416,353.

6. El Gordo De La Primitiva

The El Gordo De La Primitiva is the official Spanish Lottery and one of the most popular since it began. Playing the lottery here is a simple act of picking 5 numbers and 1 bonus which could bring you within reach of the £15,200,000. Much like the SuperLotto Plus, the odds are better, with the odds on this lottery at 1:31,625,100.

7. Mega Sena

Brazil’s largest lottery is hugely popular and easy to play with 2 draws a week – just pick 6 numbers to win that jackpot of around £13,900,000. The odds on the Mega Sena are 1:50,063,860.

8. Euro Jackpot

While a small number of European countries play the Euromillions, the Euro Jackpot has been running since 2012 and has been played across several different countries including Croatia and the Czech Republic. These players have all waited for their numbers on the Friday night draw. Pick 5 numbers and 2 bonus numbers to potentially win the £8,900,000. The odds of winning on this are 1:95,344,200.

9. German Lotto

Germany’s own lottery is popular as well. This game has recently joined MultiLotto’s impressive roster of games online. To be in with a chance of winning from the two draws a week, players must pick 6 numbers and 1 bonus to win £7,100,000. The odds are 1:139,838,160.

10. New York Lottery

The Big Apple has a big lottery. For those who want to play this slice of America, on the Thursday and Sunday draws, they can pick 6 numbers and win £4,200,000. This should give them more than enough air fare to visit New York themselves and enjoy the spectacular sights. The odds are 1:45,057,474.

Why MultiLotto?

For those wanting to do more than just play their own country’s lottery, MultiLotto is a great website to visit. Its easy access and fast service means that the novice player can get to grips with the site as quick as a regular lottery player.

On the website you will also find a portal to their casino where you have the chance to play a variety of popular games. The easy to use site has one template for choosing numbers, making it easier to get to grips with playing these lotteries.

For players who are wanting to have the chance to win big without flying halfway around the world to do so, MultiLotto is a great site to visit.

Jackpot figures used in this article correct as of: 24.11.2017

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