5 Hidden Betfair Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Posted April 9, 2018

By Darren @ Betting Gods

In a crowded marketplace, Betfair has quickly grown to be one of the biggest players in online gambling and it’s not difficult to see why. The site offers quick and straightforward betting on a huge variety of sports and events and often offers very good odds to boot.

However, there are a number of Betfair features that you may not yet know about that can seriously improve your experience on the website. These hidden Betfair features can be a little tricky to discover and start using, which is why we’ve put together this guide for you. Read on to uncover some really cool stuff that will make using Betfair a much slicker experience and turn you into a true online gambling pro.

The Betfair Community

One of the things that has always made Betfair different from its rivals is its peer-to-peer setup. What’s the point in gambling with other people if you can’t talk to them? If you head over to The Betfair Community you can do exactly that.

The discussions range from informal chats about particular teams or sporting stars (some of the mega threads about particular football clubs run into thousands of pages) to more serious discussions about gambling odds and performance. The community is so large that you’re bound to run into people with the same interests and passions as you. Even if you don’t contribute, it’s well worth signing up and checking in now and again to see what everyone else is talking about.

Betfair TV Guide

Wondering where you can watch that event you’ve placed a bet on, so you can chew your fingernails as the seconds tick down? The Betfair TV guide is where you can find out about sports on TV. The listings for the UK are fairly exhaustive and cover the full range of free to air and subscription television channels.

If you’re only interested in gambling on sport that you can watch live, the Betfair TV guide is the place to get started. All of the listed events contain links to the page on Betfair that allows you to place bets. Even if you’re not planning to gamble but just fancy an evening in front of the TV watching sport, the Betfair TV guide is an excellent place to plan your viewing.


The name of this part of the website might be a little confusing, but it’s actually where Betfair hosts a number of news articles about gambling and sports and events in general. If you’re looking to get a little bit more of an understanding about what you’re betting on, this is the place to come.

Articles about team performance, upcoming matches and the stats of individual players are very much the bread and butter of betting.betfair.com. Many of these articles are heavily discussed back in the Betfair Community that we mentioned earlier, so if you want to chip in with your opinion on what the website is writing about, then that’s the place to go and make yourself heard. There’s very little that isn’t up for discussion here.


If you’re familiar with the traditional accumulator bet, this is where you’ll go to find them. Multiples give you the chance to win huge returns from very small stakes. Essentially, you set up a series of sequential bets and if one bet wins, the winnings are placed into the next bet. If everything comes off, these multiplier bets can give you enormous returns on stakes of under £5. The risk, of course, is that if any stage of your multiplier doesn’t go the way that you want it to, you’ll lose your entire stake.

You may well have a better chance on your multipliers if you use some of the features that we discussed earlier, such as betting.betfair.com and the Betfair community to find out more about the performance of the teams and players that you’re betting on before making a decision about what to include in your coupon. By using all of the Betfair features we’ve discussed, you can become a far savvier gambler and get much more out of the site than most casual users are able to.

Auto Cash Out

Some gamblers find it irritating that they have to go through a manual process every time they want to cash out from a bet that’s in progress. Unless you’re able to sit and watch the markets in the run-up to your event taking place and throughout the event itself, it can be easy to miss a moment when you may have been happy to cash out. With the Auto cash out feature, that worry can become a thing of the past.

Available to all customers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, auto cash out allows you to set a profit level that you’re happy with in advance. When your chosen market reaches your pre-set profit level, Betfair will automatically cash out the bet and return the funds to your online account. Again, reading information on the Betfair Community and on betting.betfair.com is a good way to find out what markets will give you the best return from this new feature. It will also help you to identify what type of profit level you would be happy to cash out on.

Betfair initially became successful because of the straightforward gambling experience it offered to casual gamers who were new to the online gambling experience. With these new features, it’s much easier for irregular and casual players to take the next step and get much more from their online gaming experience.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you uncover a few features that will change the way you gamble and get much more from the experience. We wish you all the very best of luck the next time you play on Betfair.com. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the things you’ve learned in this article.

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