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2018 World Cup First Time Winner Betting Tips

Last Updated: January 12, 2018

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The 2018 World Cup will surely be one of the biggest global betting events of all time. The question is whether you’re going to bet on the teams that have won the World Cup before, or take a chance by betting on there being a first-time winner of the 2018 World Cup.

However, if you can’t narrow down those possibilities – then you can bet on all the previous winners or all the teams that would be first-time winners in the First Time Winner Betting Market.

2018 World Cup First Time Winner Betting Guide
Yes 3/1, No 1/4

Only 8 teams have previously won the World Cup and, with Italy failing to make the finals, you may think that 1/4 looks short enough for one of the previous 7 winners to win it again.

However, the 7 teams you’ll have on your side are Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, England and Uruguay – who have collectively won 16 of the 20 previous World Cups, making them a perfect 1/4 shot on those stats.

You also have to consider the best-prices the bookies are offering about those 7 teams. Brazil and Germany are both 5/1, France 6/1, Spain 7/1 and Argentina 9/1 – these five teams being the first five favourites. You then also get England at 16/1 and Uruguay at 33/1 – a 76% market share in total.

Of course, if you fancy there might be a first-time winner of the 2018 World Cup, then you’ll have 25 teams running for you. They include Belgium (12/1) and 2016 Euros Champions Portugal (28/1). However, of the rest, only Colombia, Croatia, Russia and Poland are priced-up at less than 100/1. Those teams priced-up at three-figure odds, or four-figure odds in some cases, are Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden, Senegal, Serbia, Iceland, Nigeria, Peru, Egypt, Japan, Costa Rica, Iran, Morocco, Australia, South Korea, Tunisia, Panama, and Saudi Arabia.

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It’s certainly possible to make a case for Belgium and Portugal. Meanwhile, with the host nation winning 5 of the 20 World Cups, Russia must have some sort of chance, even if they don’t look a World Cup winning side on paper. Though, as the former Soviet Union, they have at least made a previous semi-final.

However, dig a little deeper and it’s hard to find many reasons for backing the others. The only team in the non-winners to have previously made a World Cup Final is Sweden who, admittedly, knocked out 4-time champions Italy in the play-offs. Meanwhile, other teams that have made the semi-finals are Poland, Belgium, Portugal, South Korea, and Croatia.


There have actually been 8 first-time winners of the World Cup, with only France, Spain and England failing to go on to win a second World Cup. Therefore, a first-time winner of the 2018 World Cup may not be as big a pipedream as it may sound. However, odds of 1/4 about either Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, England or Uruguay winning the 2018 World Cup look justified on all known form.

2018 World Cup First Time Winner
No @ 1/4 (Bet365)

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