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2018 NBA Playoffs Info & Betting Odds
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2018 NBA Playoffs Info & Betting Odds

The NBA playoffs is the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association’s in this case is 2017 – 2018 season. They run for longer than 3 months during spring and summer.

Playoff Format

Since 2016 the format of the playoffs of the NBA’s changed and it works when the top eight teams from East and West area are ranked and selected to qualify for the playoffs.

The first round of the NBA playoffs consists of four match-ups in each conference.

The four winners advance to the semi-finals, with a match-up between the 1–8 and 4–5 winners and a match-up between the 2–7 and 3–6 winners. The two winners advance to the next round. And finally, the winners from each conference will play against each other in the final round.

2018 Conferences

Eastern Conference

Toronto Raptors – 59 wins
Boston Celtics – 55 wins
Philadelphia 76ers – 52 wins
Cleveland Cavaliers – 50 wins
Indiana Pacers – 48 wins
Miami Heat – 44 wins
Milwaukee Bucks – 44 wins
Washington Wizards – 43 wins

Western Conference

Houston Rockets – 65 wins
Golden State Warriors – 58 wins
Portland Trail Blazers – 49 wins
Oklahoma City Thunder – 48 wins
Utah Jazz– 48 wins
New Orleans Pelicans – 48 wins
San Antonio Spurs – 47 wins
Minnesota Timberwolves – 47 wins

Betting Odds & Options for Playoffs 2018 semi-finals

Golden State Warrior, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics are the four teams playing the semi-finals for the playoffs.

Thursday 24th May

Cleveland Cavaliers (8.50) V Boston Celtics (15.00)

Saturday 26th May

Boston Celtics V Cleveland Cavaliers
Houston Rockets (3.00) V Golden State Warriors (1.68)

*Odds in brackets for the the championship win.

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