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2017 Overall: The Winners And Losers

Last Updated: October 10, 2018

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Golf Betting Expert

£800.00 Profit in January
Averages 32.58% ROI

At the end of each month, we publish a Performance Report of all our tipsters so you can easily discover which tipsters performed well and which didn’t in the previous month. But a month is a fairly short period for any tipster and that’s why we’ve put together this Winners and Losers report for the whole of 2017.

Any tipster who can remain profitable over the course of 12 months deserves seriously consideration for your portfolio. Many tipsters joined us throughout 2017 so in the table below, we have included their join month. Let’s begin by looking at the winners of the year:

The Winners

There were more profitable tipsters but I first want to begin with some of the veteran, old-timer tipsters who have been with Betting Gods for several years. First up, we have the Golf Betting Expert who hit yet another profitable year. 329.18pts of profit across 2017 with just one set of tips each week for the upcoming golf tournaments, not only is Craig’s service one of the most profitable at Betting Gods but also one of the simplest to follow.

We then can’t ignore Pro Footy Tips. Over the course of 2017, Geir has averaged 13.12pts of profit every month on the football. It’s why the likes of Honest Betting Reviews, Lay Back and Get Rich and Goal Profits have all raved about this service who has helped punters win on the football since March 2016.

Greyhound racing might not be something you’ve considered in the past but Premier Greyhound Tips proves you should consider it. With over 126.66pts of profit in 2017 he out performed several racing tipsters with yet another profitable year.

We then have our veteran racing tipsters who have all pulled in regular profits throughout 2017 such as Master Racing Tipster, Quentin Franks Racing and Max Racing Partnership who collectively have been with Betting Gods for 9 years.

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We then have several newer additions to Betting Gods who all got off to a great start in 2017. We have to mention the most profitable tipster of 2017, Rod’s Runners who hit a little rough patch for a few weeks before turning things back around and producing over 460pts of profit in 2 months alone. Chloe’s Football Focus must also get a mention as the most profitable football tipster at Betting Gods. And finally, The Bookies Enemy gets a final mention. They’re the newest tipster at Betting Gods but one of the most exciting who is already averaging 40pts of profit per month.

The Losers

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing across Betting Gods and a few tipsters didn’t quite perform as well as we’d have expected.

First up is The Sports Guru who is the only tipster across the network to LOSE money in 2017. It was a small 4.27pt loss but over the course of 12 months is worrying.

We then have to mention The Football Guru who didn’t really make any progress throughout the whole of 2017 with an unexciting 0.66pts of profit who should be performing better with several years of betting experience.

The Each Way King also couldn’t find any consistent form. He hit several big winners to keep things above water but these big winners were affected by a lack of placed bets which meant the bank was always taking a hit.

The Overall Picture

With close to 4,000pts of profit over the year from current network of tipsters, we are immensely proud of each and every tipster here at Betting Gods. Tipsters often get a lot of slack from the public who don’t quite appreciate the time and effort that goes into making selections.

We think our tipsters have gone a long way to prove just how valuable they can be for the ordinary punter looking to earn a bit of extra cash from their betting.

2017 has been a year of epic proportions but we’re not stopping here. We want 2018 to be bigger and better and the Betting Gods team along with all our individual tipsters will be doing our best to make it happen.

Tipster NameProfit in PointsAverage Monthly Profit
Total Profit3,991.96pts
Chloe's Football Focus - Since Jun644.68pts92.10pts
Rod's Runners - Since May680.67pts85.08pts
The Bookies Enemy - Since Jul235.51pts39.25pts
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips - Since Feb358.54pts29.88pts
Golf Betting Expert329.18pts27.43pts
Pinnacle Racing Tips - Since Mar266.01pts26.60pts
Top Rated Runners - Since Jul148.99pts24.83pts
SB Racing Tips - Since Apr214.18pts23.80pts
Pro Footy Tips157.48pts13.12pts
Premier Greyhound Tips126.66pts10.56pts
Master Racing Tipster121.01pts10.08pts
Quentin Franks Racing104.52pts8.71pts
Max Racing Partnership92.15pts7.68pts
Flat Racing Master90.83pts7.57pts
Value Racing Tips81.94pts6.83pts
QF Value Tips73.79pts6.15pts
Hat Trick Hero67.68pts5.64pts
APS Basketball Tips - Since Jul26.51pts4.42pts
Tom's Racing Picks - Since Jun27.88pts3.98pts
Footy Doubles - Since Mar35.39pts3.54pts
Robert Fraser's Racing Tips - Since Feb37.65pts3.14pts
The Boxing Tipster33.54pts2.80pts
Big Race Bookie Busters27.96pts2.08pts
The Football Formula9.21pts0.77pts
The Each Way King3.61pts0.30pts
The Football Guru0.66pts0.06pts
The Sports Guru-4.27pts-0.36pts

If you followed any of our tipsters throughout 2017, do let us know how you got on below:

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