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2017 Overall: The Winners And Losers

2017 Overall: The Winners And Losers

At the end of each month, we publish a Performance Report of all our tipsters so you can easily discover which tipsters performed well and which didn’t in the previous month. But a month is a fairly short period for any tipster and that’s why we’ve put together this Winners and Losers report for the whole of 2017.

Any tipster who can remain profitable over the course of 12 months deserves seriously consideration for your portfolio. Many tipsters joined us throughout 2017 so in the table below, we have included their join month. Let’s begin by looking at the winners of the year:

The Winners

There were more profitable tipsters but I first want to begin with some of the veteran, old-timer tipsters who have been with Betting Gods for several years. First up, we have the Golf Betting Expert who hit yet another profitable year. 329.18pts of profit across 2017 with just one set of tips each week for the upcoming golf tournaments, not only is Craig’s service one of the most profitable at Betting Gods but also one of the simplest to follow.

We then can’t ignore Pro Footy Tips. Over the course of 2017, Geir has averaged 13.12pts of profit every month on the football. It’s why the likes of Honest Betting Reviews, Lay Back and Get Rich and Goal Profits have all raved about this service who has helped punters win on the football since March 2016.

Greyhound racing might not be something you’ve considered in the past but Premier Greyhound Tips proves you should consider it. With over 126.66pts of profit in 2017 he out performed several racing tipsters with yet another profitable year.

We then have our veteran racing tipsters who have all pulled in regular profits throughout 2017 such as Master Racing Tipster, Quentin Franks Racing and Max Racing Partnership who collectively have been with Betting Gods for 9 years.

We then have several newer additions to Betting Gods who all got off to a great start in 2017. We have to mention the most profitable tipster of 2017, Rod’s Runners who hit a little rough patch for a few weeks before turning things back around and producing over 460pts of profit in 2 months alone. Chloe’s Football Focus must also get a mention as the most profitable football tipster at Betting Gods. And finally, The Bookies Enemy gets a final mention. They’re the newest tipster at Betting Gods but one of the most exciting who is already averaging 40pts of profit per month.

The Losers

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing across Betting Gods and a few tipsters didn’t quite perform as well as we’d have expected.

First up is The Sports Guru who is the only tipster across the network to LOSE money in 2017. It was a small 4.27pt loss but over the course of 12 months is worrying.

We then have to mention The Football Guru who didn’t really make any progress throughout the whole of 2017 with an unexciting 0.66pts of profit who should be performing better with several years of betting experience.

The Each Way King also couldn’t find any consistent form. He hit several big winners to keep things above water but these big winners were affected by a lack of placed bets which meant the bank was always taking a hit.

The Overall Picture

With close to 4,000pts of profit over the year from current network of tipsters, we are immensely proud of each and every tipster here at Betting Gods. Tipsters often get a lot of slack from the public who don’t quite appreciate the time and effort that goes into making selections.

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We think our tipsters have gone a long way to prove just how valuable they can be for the ordinary punter looking to earn a bit of extra cash from their betting.

2017 has been a year of epic proportions but we’re not stopping here. We want 2018 to be bigger and better and the Betting Gods team along with all our individual tipsters will be doing our best to make it happen.

Tipster NameProfit in PointsAverage Monthly Profit
Chloe's Football Focus - Since Jun644.68pts92.10pts
Rod's Runners - Since May680.67pts85.08pts
The Bookies Enemy - Since Jul235.51pts39.25pts
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips - Since Feb358.54pts29.88pts
Golf Betting Expert329.18pts27.43pts
Pinnacle Racing Tips - Since Mar266.01pts26.60pts
Top Rated Runners - Since Jul148.99pts24.83pts
SB Racing Tips - Since Apr214.18pts23.80pts
Pro Footy Tips157.48pts13.12pts
Premier Greyhound Tips126.66pts10.56pts
Master Racing Tipster121.01pts10.08pts
Quentin Franks Racing104.52pts8.71pts
Max Racing Partnership92.15pts7.68pts
Flat Racing Master90.83pts7.57pts
Value Racing Tips81.94pts6.83pts
QF Value Tips73.79pts6.15pts
Hat Trick Hero67.68pts5.64pts
APS Basketball Tips - Since Jul26.51pts4.42pts
Tom's Racing Picks - Since Jun27.88pts3.98pts
Footy Doubles - Since Mar35.39pts3.54pts
Robert Fraser's Racing Tips - Since Feb37.65pts3.14pts
The Boxing Tipster33.54pts2.80pts
Big Race Bookie Busters27.96pts2.08pts
The Football Formula9.21pts0.77pts
The Each Way King3.61pts0.30pts
The Football Guru0.66pts0.06pts
The Sports Guru-4.27pts-0.36pts
Total Profit3,991.96pts

If you followed any of our tipsters throughout 2017, do let us know how you got on below:

The Horse Conqueror

£1,365.70 Total Profit

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Monthly Profit



RF Racing Tips

£1,775.30 Total Profit

View Profile


Monthly Profit



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  1. Hi Darren.
    I’m a new subscriber and currently trialling a number of your Horse Racing services.
    First of all I want to commend the reports and information services you provide to back up your BG tipsters performance, much better than other betting services I use. I know how much time it takes to keep accurate staking plans and I find this aspect of your service very helpful.
    One suggestion and something I’ve read from other posts, concerns the odds you advise and then judge performance by.
    I believe it should be made crystal clear in your advertising and reports that your performance analysis is based upon “advised” odds and warn that these odds cannot be guaranteed.
    For example, you claim in today’s email that yesterdays free tips from Rods Runners achieved a 10 point gain in the first 2 days of this month. Whilst this is not incorrect, it is against “advised” odds, which are extremely difficult to obtain.
    I only managed to achieve a 5 points gain over these two days with Rods Runners. Not bad I grant you, but IMO Betting Gods are as guilty as other tipster services of being disingenuous when claiming and measuring performance against unachievable odds. Maybe BG could take a lead in the industry by advising bets and reporting on performance using odds which more clearly match those we punters can achieve in the real world?

    • Lewis @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for leaving a comment John!

      Firstly, thanks for commending us on our honesty. We’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re as open as possible.

      Now, advised odds are a subject that come up frequently. Many tipsters here at Betting Gods rely on making a profit from the odds they advise as it’s where they have found value in the markets. This is especially true for tipsters which advise tips the evening before.

      What I will say is that before we send the tips of any tipster we ensure the odds are available at the time of sending and generally with the major bookies.

      We also created the Betting Gods members area, iOS and Android apps to make it easier for punters to receive notifications of when tips become available as emails can be unreliable.

      • Thanks for the quick reply Lewis.

        I understand that the time lapsed between the tipster advising the bets, BG review and members receiving will result in market movement. Tonight’s Rods Runners is a good case in point where Dark Astor went from 40/1 when advice received at 23:16 to 33/1 at 23:43 when I managed to place the bet.

        My issue is with the claim by the Tipster and BG performance as advertised at Tipsters advised odds, when these will most likely change and members will not be able to match such performance. Please be honest with us the punters and state in both your advertising and reports that odds are not guaranteed. Why not add a line in reports measuring performance on something more realistic for members, such as SP.

        • Lewis @ Betting Gods

          The problem with using SP is that it would dramatically and negatively impact the results of tipsters such as Value Racing Tips. This service, for example, looks for value in the markets the evening before.

          By the off (when the SP is therefore set) the markets have changed completely and the value is no longer there for those given bets.

          We’ll certainly discuss what can be done to ensure we make it clear that odds are advised and not guaranteed.

          • Hello,

            I agree with John, but I comprehend BG statement.

            But, however an average odds at the moment of tipping across major bookies, would be a major uptade to the site.

            Best regards.

          • Darren @ Betting Gods

            Thanks Diogo, we’ll look into the option of adding this information.
            When recommending bets we do try to to cover the available odds with as many bookies as possible.

        • Rod @ Rod's Runners

          Hi, John.

          My service is actually designed in large measure with this issue in mind.

          I don’t advise long shots only because it’s exciting and what I’m best at. I do it also because of the greater margin of error it affords those members who can’t get on immediately. The difference between 33/1 and 40/1 is pretty marginal (certainly far greater than the difference between 10/3 and 4/1), so I wouldn’t worry too much about not having caught the bigger one. My ROI for the last couple of months (roughly between 35% and 45%) should be a good index of how much of the price you can afford to lose before the value is gone.

          It’s also why I put out more selections than most. If the value goes from a couple of my picks, you’ll always have others to choose from. And the fact that I win fairly frequently with Best Odds Guaranteed should reassure you that it’s not only my “steamers” that do well.


  2. Hi – first of all, I would also praise BG for being the most professionally run tipster service out there. It is always, I think, an issue how to show the results. Like John stated, it’s almost impossible to replicate the results obtained by the tipsters, as you pretty much need to place the bet within a second after they have been published. On the other hand, for services based on finding value, just using the SP will obviously decrease the value a lot as the odds have dropped and basically remove the reason for suggesting the specific bets – and the more popular the service becomes, the more of a problem this could be. It’s a tricky one to solve.

  3. Agreed with the recommendation as above. please add a line to make it more clear. i started noticing this with ROD runners odds where the tipster advises at 30/1 40/1 but when we start putting the bets its already have crossed below 20/1 15/1 which is where our bets go. This is the reason i have left watching the Rods results and started focusing on Master racing tipster where the fluctuation is very mild.
    Rod says 20/1—-if this wins he adds 200 pounds to the sheet but the same will be as 100 pounds for us because the odds are already slashed or existed only for few minutes.

    Please look into this as this will lead discrepancy in overall betting gods reports.

    Thanks for reading, Sai

    • I am new to Rod’s Runners, as horse racing has only become relevant as of this year where I live, but in all fairness I would like to add that it can work both ways. Yesterday and today I experienced a number of odds that were lower than what was suggested by Rodney, but close to the race start I also found some odds that were actually higher than suggested, so it’s not always negative.

  4. Hi while I agree it’s almost impossible to get your bets on at the advised odds most of the time there’s nothing much that can be done about it unless we get some tipsters that can look into the future and post what the odds will be in a few hours. I don’t get bog on most bookies anymore so I’ve been trying out splitting my point on the exchange half a point at whatever odds are available when I receive the tip and half a point bsp and as a big rods runners fan it makes his tips even more exciting when the odds drift out to triple digits. I know I’m not guaranteed to make the same every month that the tipsters are making but as long as I’m winning I’m happy. Great service and my hat goes off to all the tipsters who work a lot harder than I do to make money off the bookies!

  5. I have seen on other tipster platforms results published to advised odds, BOG, BFSP and ISP, for both level stakes betting and advised stakes. This provides the most comprehensive coverage of results from all tipsters and enables a proper and fair comparison of performance.

    I have almost no bookies I can use due to being restricted/gubbed so I have to rely on the exchanges to place my bets. This leaves me with a quandary – do I bet on the odds available at the time I place my bet, or use BFSP, or even split my stake across both options? Getting on early e.g. the night before results in little liquidity on the exchanges and therefore makes it harder to get good odds, but leaving it till there is plenty of money means almost invariably having to accept considerably poorer odds than the advised odds, except in the relatively rare occasions when the odds increase (although this may only happen shortly before the race starts, and the problem with exchanges is that you don’t get any odds boost unlike with the bookies i.e. there’s no such thing as BOG on the exchanges).

    Having a full picture of results to BFSP enables me to choose tipsters that do well to BFSP, of which there are some. I can provide an excellent example of a service (from another tipster platform) that is absolutely phenomenal to advised odds and stakes (over 7000 points profit from about 5 years) but is in negative territory to BFSP!! The tipster sends his tips mainly early in the morning. This shows how much value the tipster finds and how quickly the odds disappear, and sums up the issues perfectly. A strike rate of approximately 30% for this tipster is pretty good, but the ROI substantially depends on what odds you can achieve.

    If Betting Gods can replicate this format of results publishing then I think this would really help all customers to decide which tipster(s) they wish to follow, depending on their lifestyle and when they can realistically place the bets. It would also help if comments about when bets usually get sent out can be included (this may already be done in service overviews though). I am a shift worker so I am reluctant to join any service that regularly/routinely doesn’t send bets out until late morning, but a service that sends bets out the evening before or early in the morning is easier for me to deal with (notwithstanding my problem with a lack of bookies to use). Something to think about anyway…

  6. Suggestion/request:
    Almost 40k combined profit at 10€ stakes it’s an amazing accomplishment. Good work guys! What I would like to see is a report where you have the profit values minus the monthly fee we have to pay to use your Tipster. Question is, if I have booked all Tipsters, how much does that means in net worth?! Can you have those numbers? Are we talking in less than 50% of the 40k?
    Thanks in advance and a great year to your team

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for your feedback John.
      It’s difficult to calculate including fees as members are on different rates; monthly, quarterly, annual, and some on the older lifetime option.

      • Yeah, I thought about that but still, a general number for general monthly fees just to compare if subscribing all Tipsters would leave in net profit. Thanks anyway


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