10 Hilarious Footballer Names


10 Hilarious Footballer Names

Posted August 29, 2017 | By Josh @ Betting Gods

We decided to explore some of the funniest footballer names; most are self explanatory…..

Norman Conquest – An Australian goalkeeper who shares the same name as the 11th century invasion of England by the Normans, rather posh name too!

David Goodwillie – A striker who plays for Scottish giants Dundee United. He doesn’t live up to his name though, as he has been more of a ‘Badwillie’, due to being involved in countless controversies in his career already.

Bernt Haas – Haas was a former Sunderland and WBA player from Switzerland, the former defender didn’t wasn’t famous for his stats, but rather for loving spicy food.

Nortei Nortey – Actually a talent, from Ghana, and plays in defence. He unluckily suffered many injuries which stopped him from making it into the Chelsea first team squad.

David Seaman – Perhaps one of the best goalkeepers to ever have played.

Stefan Kuntz – Former German star! He played as a striker back in the 80s and 90s. Surely has to be the worst surname on earth for commentators to read out.

Ralf Minge – A player who barely had a look into the East German side, playing his whole footballing career at Dynamo Dresden.

Wolfgang Wolf – Currently a football coach. As you can probably tell, he’s German.

Chiqui Arce – Very cheeky indeed, he played for Paraguay in two world cup campaigns.

Mark de Man – Perhaps the coolest name that exists? From Belgium and plays for KSC Hasselt.

Have we missed one?
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